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Choosing the right therapist takes consideration, since working
well together is important for successful therapy. To that end, I encourage you to learn more about my work with clients by reviewing The First Step and My Practice.

Please also view my current Availability and Appointment Info to ensure that I match your scheduling and fee needs. Additional info can be found in the FAQs section.

If you're interested working with me, please submit a Contact Form to set up a FREE 15-minute phone consultation. This is a chance to briefly get acquainted and determine if we'd be a good fit for scheduling a first session.

I make the effort to respond to inquiries within 1-2 business days, Monday–Thursday. I look forward to hearing from you! 

I will NOT respond to solicitations about job offers or requests to add third-party websites to my Resources. Thank you.

Thanks for submitting!

(925) 286-9591

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Oregon T2046  |  California 120326

In-person therapy for clients in Corvallis, Oregon
Video therapy for clients in all of Oregon and California


CONTACT: Contact



Video appointments
— Monday morning, Tuesday early evening
In-person appointments — Wednesday afternoon/early evening

Please contact me to inquire about specific time slots. 


Mon–Thurs, 9 am–6 pm for all appointments, emails, and calls

Video appointments — Usually offered Mon–Thurs for clients located in Oregon and California

Office appointments — Offered Wed & Thurs only at my office in downtown Corvallis, Oregon​



Frequently Asked Questions & Answers for Prospective Clients

How do I know if I'm a good fit for working with you?

Please view The First Step, information about My Practice and Appointments, and the following FAQs to further get an idea of my work and see what might resonate with you. I generally work best with clients who are engaged in the process of therapy, committed to attending sessions regularly, and willing to develop a positive therapeutic relationship.

How long are appointments? How often do you schedule? How do time slots work?

Appointments are 50 minutes and usually scheduled weekly. 

I do not start with new clients on a biweekly (every other week) or monthly schedule. I request that new clients attend a minimum of 4 consecutive weekly sessions before switching to less frequent scheduling. This ensures ethical practice and allows the time needed for proper assessment and developing a positive therapeutic relationship. Once established, a client may reduce appointment frequency if appropriate for their treatment needs and/or financial concerns. 

  • For weekly clients, I usually reserve a recurring time slot (same day/time each week). 

  • For established clients who move to every-other-week appointments, I may need to offer a new biweekly time slot depending on my availability.

  • For clients who schedule monthly or as needed, a regularly recurring time slot is not guaranteed and appointments must be scheduled depending on my open availability for the month. 

How long does therapy take?

This question is common and a good one to ask, but it doesn't have a "one-size-fits-all" answer.

The length of therapy varies from person to person and depends on the specific client. It's impacted by a variety of factors including: client-therapist fit, a client's needs, concerns, goals, and motivation when beginning therapy, and consistent scheduling and attendance.

Generally, many clients begin to see some type of improvement within a few months. For some clients, their concerns are resolved quickly and I work with them for just a couple months. Other clients may have multiple goals for therapy and continue to work with me for years, often reducing scheduling frequency as they maintain progress. 

What are your fees? What kinds of payment do you accept? Do you take insurance?

The fee for a regular 50-minute session is $190. In-person payments may be made with cash, card, or check. Due to the remote nature of video/telehealth appointments, payment must be made by placing a card on file. I accept all major credit cards and HSA (health savings account) cards.

I'm an out-of-network provider and I'm not contracted directly with insurance companies. However, I can provide clients with a super bill that they can submit to their insurance provider for possible reimbursement. Please check directly with your insurance about partial or full reimbursement for mental health services. Please also be aware that most insurance providers only reimburse for certain diagnostic codes, and not all clients seeking therapy will meet full criteria for a diagnosis. 

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Usually, yes. I have a limited number of sliding-scale and low-fee time slots available. Please contact me to inquire about openings.

I'm an adult. Can a family member pay for my appointments?

Yes. Adult clients (18 or older) may use a form of payment that's in the name of a family member. For example, college students can use a parent's card for payment. In these cases, I must be notified of the payer's name and email address and I will have them sign a Payment Agreement. I will only have contact with the payer if/when absolutely necessary to discuss or resolve a payment issue; a client's confidential information and treatment details will not be shared with the payer. 

What is your cancellation policy?

I require at least 24 hours advance notice for cancellations. If a client does not arrive for their appointment and has not cancelled with at least 24 hours notice, the full session fee will be charged. This charge is standard business practice and takes into account that clients are not only paying for services but also reserving a regular time slot that is not offered to other clients.

Do you offer video and in-person appointments?

Yes, I offer both. Video appointments are usually scheduled Mondays and Tuesdays. All appointments are conducted through a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform. Since I'm licensed in California and Oregon, clients must be physically located in either of these states and have their location/address available for confirmation. Clients may use any type of device with Internet access. Please visit Why Video? to learn more about how video therapy may work for you.

In-person appointments are scheduled Wednesdays and Thursdays at my downtown Corvallis office. Masks are no longer required in sessions and are optional for clients. Occasionally I will opt to wear a mask in preparation for traveling or visiting at-risk individuals. The building has an elevator and ADA accessible restroom. Please visit the Photo Gallery to view pictures of my office. 

What does LMFT mean? How is this different from other licenses and mental health providers? Do you work with couples, families, and individuals?

LMFT stands for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, the professional license that I hold. LMFTs are mental health providers with a master's degree level of  education and a professional license issued by a state board. 

LMFTs have specific education and training in treating mental health in the context of relationships. They can provide therapy for individuals, groups, couples, families, and children, but many LMFTs choose to specialize in only a few of these areas. Currently, I do not work with families in my practice and I have limited availability for clients seeking marriage or couples counseling. Please contact me directly to inquire about my availability. 

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