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"Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow."

Brené Brown

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Therapy for Individual Adults

There are many reasons people seek therapy, whether healing from past experiences, desiring support around a current problem, or wanting to improve overall well being and quality of life. Whatever a client's reason for coming in, I recognize the choice to seek therapy as an important step in commitment to personal growth.

Therapy helps treat and improve mental, emotional, and behavioral issues that often relate to anxiety, depression, stress, and relationship problems. I work with clients to manage their symptoms and develop tools to cope with life’s obstacles. Rather than pathologize or treat clients' experiences as merely a diagnosis, I collaborate with clients to develop their therapeutic goals from a place of strength and positivity.

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Therapy for Adolescents  (ages 12-17)

Knowing how to respond to the rapid changes of adolescence can be a challenging task for pre-teens and teens. Therapy can help them gain confidence and coping strategies needed for successful and positive growth. Kids are resilient, creative, and natural problem-solvers; they are motivated to work through their challenges when provided with the right blend of safety, respect, honesty — and sometimes humor! — offered by a therapist.

I have extensive experience working with youth in many capacities. I use a combination of play therapy, creative activities, and discussion to guide the therapeutic process. My young clients have described me as an understanding therapist who "really sees" them, who "really cares," and who is "just a really real person!"

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Therapy for Families

Much like individuals and youth in times of transition, families can also experience difficult periods of change. Stressful life events such as divorce, relocation, or death of a loved one can cause relational strain on family members as they readjust together.

Therapy can be effective in treating interpersonal conflict or negative interactional patterns that prevent family members from experiencing more connection and support. In my work with families, I help promote understanding and engage family members to collaborate in developing new and successful communication.